Essential Maintainence of Your Stunt Scooter

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Stunt Scooter Maintenance Tips

Depending on how frequently you use your stunt scooter and what you get upto when you ride it, will ultimately ascertain the amount of maintenance necessary to be carried out and what components will need to be replaced and how frequently.

Routine Maintenance.

It's crucial to be sure your stunt scooter is kept well maintained and no matter how frequently you use your scooter the following factors ought to be checked before each and every riding session:

1. Wheels - check to ascertain if the wheels are worn to a low level. Riding your scooter on worn wheels can be unsafe and may affect turning and stopping.

2. Bearings - check the wheel bearings, and forward stem bearings for any excessive play and wear.In order to check for play in the wheels hold the wheel (or fork) firmly and attempt to move from side to side. If you find that there is excessive play then proceed to check the retaining bolts for tightness. You may have to replace the bearings. Next look for wear by spinning the wheels or moving the forks and see if you can hear any grating noises, again this may mean they need replacing.

3. Assess for damage. It is recommended to check all of the following areas:

1. Front forks.

2. Rear forks / wheel retainer.

3. Foot plate - especially look at the welded joints.

4. Handlebars - check for alignment and again for weld damage.

5. Quick release mechanism - ensure the quick release folding mechanisms operate correctly and check height adjusters for damage.

6. The handlebar adjuster. Make certain it's tight and secure prior to riding and the handlebars can't be moved.

7. Brakes - If your scooter is equipped with a brake - look for wear and replace if needed.

8. Handle bar grips - see to it they're fitted securely and do not rotate.

Annual Maintenance-This can be performed more often if you use your stunt scooter more often.

1. Replace and fit new wheel bearings if required.

2. Replace and install front handlebar stem bearings.

3. Check the scooter over thoroughly for any damage.

4. Fit new handlebar grips if the old ones are worn.

5. Check all quick release mechanisms.

6. Keep the scooter clean, wash if required.

7. Apply lubricant to pertinent areas and use a dry lubricant as suggested by the scooter manufacturer.

Maintainence of your scooter is essential for years of trouble free riding. If you find after checking your scooter over using the above tips that some of your parts need replacing, please check out our site where you will find some of the items you may require. if you are thinking of changing or upgrading your scooter we can help there too.

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